The aim of this loan is to test the P2P system and be involved in the SteemFund project.

What the funds would be used for: I may just let them sit in my account on steemit, or maybe I will power up the steem so I can increase my voting power a little, then buy steem to make the payments, or just do one power down for repayment which will more than cover it.

Amount of loan: 600 steem.

Duration of Loan: 3 months.

Annual APR: 20%.


@lukestokes 200 Steem
@kingscrown 60 Steem
@ervin-lemark 100 Steem
@chitty 240 Steem

Payment schedule

21/02/2017 = 210 Steem ✓

21/03/2017 = 210 Steem ✓

21/04/2017 = 210 Steem ✓

Paid back: 100%

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