Steemit is a very flexible platform, rewarding writers and bloggers its only a small part of what can be done with the steem blockchain. We have seen how steemit has been used to crowdfund not only the development of new tools but also social projects like feeding homeless people and streets dogs.

However there are houndreds of projects asking for backing that are left behind, unnoticed by most steemians. This happens to new users that dont have many followers, users who use the wrong tag or publish at the wrong time and some users are just unlucky.

@SteemFund to the rescue!

The idea of @steemfund is to organize and filter crowdfunding projects while providing some extra exposure to those worthy projects on steemit. In order to do this in an effective manner we would need to follow a set of rules:


SteemFund as a Lending Platform (BETA)

SteemFund has added a P2P lending option to its services. The system works like many others P2P lending platform, but it will have steemit reputation as an added security for investors. A borrower with high reputation is less likely to commit fraud since he would be risking potential future blogging rewards.

  • Kenny-Crane Loan Proposal
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    How can you support SteemFund ?

    Have any good project that needs funding? - contact us on #steemfund channel